Finance Committee

The Finance Committee of Sunningdale Parish Council is established to deliver the following financial controls:

  • Supervise the overall budgetary process of Council (including preparing and recommending to Council a budget for the following year).
  • Maintain overall governance and proper conduct of public money.
  • Monitor income and expenditure and review the monthly reports against budget.
  • Review recommendations for salaries and HR matters with financial implications for recommendation to Council.
  • Consider the recommendations of other committees for expenditure and report to Council on the financial implications thereof.
  • Recommend to Council prices, rents and other charges, including the cemetery fees, allotment rents, room hire rent, refreshment chalet rent.
  • Consider the findings of the Internal Auditors Reports (2) and take appropriate action.
  • Consider the Annual Accounts prior to these coming before Council for approval.
  • Review annually the risk register, the asset register and financial regulations and make recommendation to Council on appropriate action.
  • Consider any other financial matter that may arise including the management of CIL
  • Ensure the Clerk/RFO receives financial training as and when required.
  • Ensure that the RFO reports to Council monthly

The committee meets at least quarterly and is comprised of at least 4 Councillors of which 3 members is quorate.  The Chairman of the committee is selected from among the committee members.

This website holds agendas and minutes for finance meetings for at least one council year, please contact the clerk for older documents. For the papers referred to in the minutes, please request these from the Clerk.

Scheme of Delegation Consultations in the Format of a Planning Committee Meeting

The council resolved to delegate the power to comment on planning applications to the Head of Paid Service, the Clerk, and the committee format will be used to carry out consultations between the Clerk and the Committee Members.

Members of the public may attend any meeting and will be invited to speak by the Chairman of the committee regarding planning application matters and planning concerns they may have.

For all Zoom meetings, any member of the public wishing to address the committee is required to register with the Clerk by 10am on the day prior to the meeting.

Scheme of Delegation Consultations 2021 2022

Date Agenda Minutes
13 July 2021 @ 1:30pm
8 June 2021 @ 1:30pm
Attend this meeting via zoom
Finance Committee Agenda 8 June 2021
Date Meeting Agenda Minutes
6 April 2021 Finance Committee
Attend this meeting via zoom
Finance Committee Agenda 6 April 2021 Finance Committee Minutes 6 April 2021 – Unapproved
16 February 2021 Finance Committee
Attend this meeting via zoom
Finance Committee Agenda 16 February 2021 Finance Committee Minutes 16 February 2021 – Unapproved
12 January 2021 Finance Committee
Zoom Access
Finance Committee Agenda 12 January 2021 Finance Committee Minutes 12 January 2021 – Unapproved
26 November 2020 Finance Committee
Passcode: 932007
Finance Committee Agenda 26 November 2020 Finance Committee Minutes 26 November 2020 – Unapproved
6 October 2020 Finance Committee
Passcode: 193291
Finance Committee Agenda 6 October 2020 Finance Committee Minutes 6 October 2020 – Unapproved
11 August 2020 Register in advance for this Zoom Meeting Agenda 11 August 2020 Finance Committee Minutes 11 August 2020
11 February 2020 Finance Committee Agenda 11 February 2020  Minutes 11 February 2020
3 December 2019 Finance Committee Agenda 3 December 2019 Minutes 3 December 2019
5 November 2019 Finance Committee Agenda 5 November 2019 Minutes 5 November 2019
4 June 2019 Finance Committee Agenda 4 June 2019 Minutes 4 June 2019
2 May 2019 Finance Committee Agenda 2 May 2019

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