The Parish Council

The theme in Sunningdale, as with the nation as a whole, is continuity and change, steady management of resources, while watching out for every opportunity to enable positive change for our community.

The Parish of Sunningdale has some 3,726 electors. There are a maximum of ten councillors. It employs the Clerk and an assistant, who manage the day to day operations of the Parish Council, and the Grounds Manager, who is responsible for all the properties of Council. See the Councillors and Staff page for information on all the individuals concerned.

As the local government body responsible for the public amenities of Sunningdale, the Parish Council, comprising ten local residents who are elected every four years, deals with a wide range of issues affecting local people. It is the first port of call for local residents enquiring about public services. It participates with the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead on a variety of issues affecting local people, such as parking, street lighting, road cleanliness and the state of the pavements.

The Council owns and maintains the recreation ground, the cemetery and the allotments, as well as working with Royal Borough Councillors and Officers to maintain the roads and public amenities. It examines all planning applications for building permission within the Parish to ensure that developments are in keeping with the Local Plan.

The Council prepares financial plans and keeps annual accounts on all monies spent. These are available for inspection by residents.

The Council organises a number of special events which include Sunningdale in Bloom, the Christmas celebration and other events during the year, offering support to the Sunningdale Carnival. 2012 was a special year, being the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, and the Council celebrated the occasion by holding a music festival in June of that year at the Broomhall Recreation Ground.

The Council has led the Sustainable Sunningdale (SUSS) campaign to raise awareness of the need to reduce our energy consumption in response to climate change. In addition, in order to improve the environment, the Parish Council has planted trees at the Recreation Ground and in other specific places in the Parish.

The Council also owns the Village Hall building. Two Parish Councillors are Trustees of the Management Board, while day to day operations are undertaken by Village Venues.

Here is the latest list of Disclosable Pecuniary Interests which shows that no councillor has any pecuniary interest in Council business.

Finally, an Annual Parish Meeting is held each year where the public can find out about matters relating to Sunningdale.  The Minutes of these meetings are published on the Council Meetings page.