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The Kiln Lane Cemetery

A quiet country burial ground, run by the Parish Council and maintained for the maximum peace of the departed and their relatives.

Prices with effect from April 1st 2024 for the reservation of an exclusive right of burial plot are: £600 for a single burial plot; £950 for a double (2 person) plot; £200 for a single cremation plot; and £375 for a double cremation plot. The burial interment fee for deceased over 17 years of age is £925 and £475 for interment of ashes. All prices are double for those not living in the Parish.

Please contact us on 01344 874268 or visit the Parish Council office in Broomhall Recreation Ground if you would like information on the regulations and fees.

To arrange for memorial stones to mark the grave of  loved ones according to a scale of fees available from the Parish Office.

Holy Trinity Closed Graveyard

In April 2021 Sunningdale Parish Council took over the maintenance of the graveyard which was closed by order of the Queen on the 14th February 1996.

Whilst the church is Grade II listed, the grave yard is not, however contains war graves on of which is of national significance.

RAF Ferdinand West was the first member of the new formed RAF to receive a Victoria Cross in August 1918.  The grave is still visited by members of the 8th Squadron who tend to the grave.

The graveyard is managed on a day to day basis by the Church. For more information please contact the Church office on 01344 621886.

Amanda Carter, Church Administrator.

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