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Current Parish Projects

Please see below the information on projects which are being undertaken by Sunningdale Parish Council and your opportunity to provide us with feedback.

  • MUGA, Playground and Footpaths
  • Refurbishment of the 3 floodlight tennis courts
  • Defibrillators fitted in the Village
  • Woodland Walk

Multi-Use Games Area, Playground upgrade and Footpaths (Business Plan ref SF4)

The council identified the MUGA project in the Business Plan 2021 – 2026 and has been working to deliver the project since July 2021 with a Feasibility Study.

The resulting consultation which took place from 14th February 2022 to 14th March 2022 confirmed the residents desire for the project and the input received by the council has now proceeded to the formal tender stage which will complete late summer 2022 with the anticipated commencement of the project late autumn (subject to council approval).

Refurbishment of the 3 Floodlight Tennis Courts

The 3 tennis courts were last refurbished in 2010 with the addition of lighting. Since that time the use of the courts by residents, members of the wider community, schools and tennis groups has increased along with the requirement for better lighting and fencing.

Each year the Parish Council reserves the income generated from the courts for maintenance and ultimately refurbishment.  This fund is now at a level that the courts can be updated with new fencing, lighting, access and court surfaces at no cost to the residents through the Precept.

The project has proceeded to the formal tender stage in conjunction with the MUGA project with the successful contractor being awarded late summer 2022 and the work carried out in early spring 2023.

Book Tennis Courts in Sunningdale

Defibrillators in the Village

The Parish Council was approached by 2 resident groups to increase the number of life-saving defibrillators within the village.  Both of the requests were approved by the council with joint funding for the defibrillator to be located at the Nags Head on the High Street after a fund raising evening held in memory of a regular.

The new locations will be:

  • Chobham Road Parade of Shops
  • Outside the Nags Head Public House

These will add to the defibrillator located at Broomhall Recreation Ground.

Installation of both new devices is anticipated to take place by the end of the Summer.

Woodland Walk (Business Plan ref E11)

The woodland which runs alongside the recreation ground is undergoing a survey in the coming months to not only identify the trees in the Protected Woodland, but to access the health and safety of the wood with a view to opening this area up to residents as a woodland walk.

The survey runs from June to the end of August and will provide the council with management guidance and the feasibility of opening up the woodland.

Completed Projects 2021 2022

During the council year April 2021 to March 2022 the following projects have been delivered:
  • Provide a library service for Sunningdale after the closure of the container library provision (Business Plan ref L2)
  • Provide an Outreach Service to support the needs of the residents (Business Plan ref SF1)

Library Service for Sunningdale

Working in partnership with RBWM Library Services, Sunningdale Parish Council has continued the provision of library and customer service access for Sunningdale.

Based in the Community Room at the Pavilion in Broomhall Recreation Ground, the council has not only provided the space for the library, but has also taken on the responsibility of funding the cost of the librarian provision for the next 5 years.

As a village with little public transport, the council were aware of the need to keep services local for the benefit of the residents.

If you would be interested in volunteering at Sunningdale Library, please see information on how to do this provided on the RBWM Website.

Outreach Service

Working in partnership with Citizens Advice East Berkshire, Sunningdale Parish Council has brought a confidential Outreach Service to the residents.

The service which is available from 9am to 3pm every Friday in the Pavilion at Broomhall Recreation Ground is run by a trained advisor from Citizens Advice covering all the areas of assistance that can be accessed via this organisation.

If you are looking for support in any area which the Citizens Advice organisation provides assistance in please do not hesitate to contact the parish office to book an appointment.

You can call 01344 874268 or email:


Projects identified to commence 2022 2023

The following projects have been identified to commence in the council year April 2022 to March 2023:

  • Provide a static library service at the recreation ground in a new multi purpose building to include other community activities
  • Work with South Western Railway to improve the appearance of the station and its surroundings
  • Review the feasibility of providing a Shopper Hopper service with local parishes
  • Create a network of cycling routes to increase active travel and leisure activities
  • Achieve Green Flag status for Recreation ground
  • Update Neighbourhood Plan 
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