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20 mph Consultation

Safer Streets Proposal (Updated April 2023)

Sunningdale Parish Council and Sunninghill & Ascot Parish Council have been working together to support Cycling & Walking in our parishes. A Cycling and Walking Vision was set in 2021 and shared with RBWM. The Vision included a number of initiatives and the creation of a network of cycling and walking routes for leisure and active travel.

The joint parish working group decided to focus initially on the implementation of 20mph speed limits as improving safety was seen as a major priority.

A “Safer Streets” community consultation was conducted in 2022 to determine the level of community support for the principle of introducing 20 mph speed limits, where appropriate (for selected roads where full consideration of the needs of vulnerable road users supports this lower limit).

The feedback from the consultation was very clear; 81% of respondents were in support of 20 mph (out of a total 272 responses). There were 657 suggestions for 20mph roads including significant support around all schools. 139 additional comments were made, including many ideas to make our streets safer.

Based on this comprehensive response from the communities, each parish has now prepared a proposal of 20 mph roads and other initiatives to make local streets safer.

The joint parish working group is now asking for comments on these proposals before finalisation and submission to the Highways Authority (RBWM). While each parish will finalise its proposals, the working group hopes to create consistency so that there will be continuity in speed limits on roads which cross from parish to parish.

Please click on the link to see the full details of the Sunningdale proposal.

Should you wish to submit any comments you may have relating to your relevant parish council proposal, please click on the link below. The consultation closes on Friday 2 June 2023.

Consultation Feedback (Updated November 2022)

Following the recent 20mph consultation, which ran from 1st September to 9th October 2022, Sunninghill & Ascot Parish Council and Sunningdale Parish Council were pleased with the number of responses and the number of valuable insights and suggestions provided by our community.

The headline results of the consultation are:

  • 264 direct responses using the survey provided online
  • A further 6 direct emails and 6 attendees at a drop in session
  • 81 % of responders were in support of the principle of 20mph speed limits (for selected roads where full consideration of the needs of vulnerable road users supports this lower limit)
  • Responders made 657 suggestions for 20mph roads, with 79% of these suggestions concentrated on 20 specific roads including significant support around all schools.
  • 139 additional comments made on the survey included many ideas for ways to make our streets safer. This included concerns regarding enforcement of speed limits.
  • Of the 276 responders, 193 wished to be kept informed on how we make our streets safer

Based upon this comprehensive response from the communities, the parish councils are now reviewing the information by parish area and putting together a plan and recommendation based on the results of the Consultation.

It is the aim of both of the parish councils to publish these further documents in January 2023 before submission to the Highways Authority.

Councillor Ceri Richardson and Councillor David Biggs

Co-Chairs, Walking & Cycling Working Group

Consultation on 20mph speed limits in the Parishes of Sunninghill & Ascot and Sunningdale (September 2022)

Our two parish councils have been working together to encourage more local people to walk and cycle, and to make it safer for them to do so. As shown below, 20mph speed limits are proven to meet both these objectives as well as bringing other benefits to local communities.

The purpose of this consultation is to determine the level of community support for the principle of introducing 20mph speed limits where appropriate.

Both parish councils will review the results of the consultation and if the consultation results show strong support for the principle of 20mph speed limits, we will be in a position to persuade the borough to work with us to develop specific proposals for individual streets or zones and implement them in a timely manner. Only RBWM as the Highway Authority is able to set speed limits, and before doing so would consult again on the specifics of each street or zone proposal, giving our communities the opportunity to comment on / influence the proposals, before any speed limits are introduced.

Consultation Details.

    • The consultation will commence on 1 September 2022
    • All responses must be submitted by 9th October 2022 for them to be counted.
    • One single consultation will cover both parishes. The consultation will be conducted on line with hard copies available upon request.

Why our PCs are consulting on 20mph speed limits.

As stated above, our two parish councils have been working together to find ways of encouraging more of our residents to walk and cycle and of making it safer for them to do so.  

Most residents live within a relatively short distance from local High Streets, workplaces, railway stations and leisure facilities so more walking and cycling is achievable. Our preference would be to provide separation between motor vehicles and vulnerable road users, but the Victorian Highway Infrastructure doesn’t allow this except in a limited number of locations.

The alternative is to introduce more 20mph speed limits, which have been found to be an inexpensive and proven way to deliver our objectives of encouraging more walking and cycling with the following benefits :

  • Fewer collisions, and when they do occur there is a lower risk of fatal or serious injuries.
  • Safer for children to walk or cycle to school, and for residents to walk or cycle to the shops, community facilities and work.
  • Improved health from walking and cycling.
  • Reduced carbon emissions and improved air quality,
  • Improved quality of life for residents.
  • Fuel savings.

Further Information:

Government Guidelines:

There are government guidelines on where 20mph speed limits may be introduced. In general these will be on streets that currently have a 30mph speed limit.

The guidelines most relevant to our parishes include:

  • Major [High] Streets where there are-or could be-significant journeys on foot where pedal cycle movements are an important consideration.
  • Residential streets in towns, district centres and villages, particularly where the streets are being used by people on foot and on bicycles, there is community support and the characteristics of the street are suitable.
  • General compliance needs to be achievable without excessive reliance on enforcement.

Roads which already have 20mph speed limits:

    • Ascot: High Street.
    • South Ascot: Brockenhurst Road through S Ascot High Street, a section of Victoria Road, Church Road, All Souls Road and Bouldish Farm Road.
    • Sunninghill: High Street, section of Kings Road, School Road, Bowden Road, The Terrace and Queens Rd.
    • Sunningdale: none

ROSPA Factsheet on 20mph zones and speed limits

Government Publicaion on Setting Local Speeds

Caimpaign 20 is Plenty                    

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