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Bin Collections and Recycling

RBWM Recycling Guide

Bin Collection Days

Find your Bin Day

Find your bin collection day or report a missed bin.

Black Bin

Household Waste

Your black rubbish bin is collected every two weeks and is for household items that cannot be recycled.

Blue Bin

Recycling Waste

Your recycling waste is collected weekly.

Green Bin

Garden Waste

RBWM operates a household collection system for green waste. Avoid the time, cost and hassle of putting garden waste in your car and taking it to the recycling site and sign up to the RBWM green waste service for a one-year subscription costing just £69.

Caddy Bin

Food Waste

Your food waste is collected weekly at the same time as your rubbish. The waste will go to a composting digestion plant where it will be converted into fertiliser and energy.

Collection of large items

Collection Service

RBWM offer a collection service for the removal of large household items and non-commercial items.

More Information

RBWM Bring Sites & Collection Points

There are various collection points around the local area where specific items can be recycled.

Recycle your Christmas Trees

Broomhall Recreation Ground

Bring your unwanted real Christmas tree minus the baubles to the Recreation Ground during the beginning of January and we will recycle it for you. 

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