The Parish Council is keen to encourage all residents to recycle as much of their rubbish as possible.

The latest printed version of RBWM’s Recycling Guide was delivered to households in March 2017.  Here is the online version.

Household Collection – blue wheelie bins

You can help by recycling your waste and earning points with GreenRedeem at the same time.

The BLUE wheelie bins operate on an incentive basis whereby you earn points. For more information visit

Household Collection – food waste

The Borough now provides a weekly food waste collection service. Put your food waste into the caddiy container which is provided. It is collected at the same time as your rubbish. The waste will go to a composting digestion plant where it will be converted into fertiliser and energy.

The following food waste items can be recycled:

  • all food, cooked and uncooked
  • meat and fish including bones
  • dairy, bread, pastry and cakes
  • rice, pasta and beans
  • pet food
  • fruit and vegetables
  • coffee grounds and tea bags

Do not put plastic bags in the caddy.

RBWM “bring sites” and other collection points

There are various collection points around the local area where specific items can be recycled.

Green garden waste

RBWM operates a household collection system for green waste – for more information see the details on the RBWM website:

More Information on Recycling

There are several websites which provide more information on what can be recycled and where. They include Recycle Now and Recycle More.


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