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Council Members

Robert Morgan

Chairman of the Council

Jacqueline Hilton

Vice-Chairman of the Council and Lead Member for Cemeteries

Anne Catherine Buxton

Chairman of the Planning Committee and Lead Member for Charters and Holy Trinity schools

Julie Coxon

Co-Lead Member for Property

Lilly Evans

Chairman of the Finance Committee

Peter Grover

Lead Member for Property

Matthew Newman

Lead Member for Allotments

Valerie Pike

Lead Member for Traders and for the Village Hall, Co-Lead Member for Property


Louise Steele

Locum Clerk

Nikki Tomlinson

Deputy Clerk

John Rose

Facilities Officer


Project Officer

Suzie Parker

Admin and Events Officer

Alex Orchard

Admin Officer

For additional information relating to Council Members and Officers please visit the relevant pages within the Sunningdale Parish Council website.

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