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Safety in Sunningdale

Sunningdale Parish Council

As many of you are aware, since the end of December 2017 there have been 3 serious incidents of attempted and actual assault which have taken place on the footpaths in the wooded areas leading from and to the Station and Broomhall Lane Recreation Ground.

The Police are aware and actively dealing with all 3 incidents, however are stressing to all residents and users of the footpaths – whether in the woods or the alleys – to be vigilant about personal safety.

In the hours of darkness, stay on well lit footpaths and where possible walk with friends.

All schools have been notified and students encouraged to be responsible for their personal safety, and Sunningdale Parish Council would extend this message to all residents.

If anyone has any information about the assaults which have taken place, please contact the police on the 101 number and they will be able to assist.


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