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Playground Upgrade and Pathways - Winter 2023/24

The tennis court refurbishment at Broomhall Recreation Ground was completed at the beginning of November 2023. Complete with a new surface treatment of Tiger Turf Advantage Pro 13mm, new fencing, new gate and LED light system which now enables online payment for the floodlights.

Sunningdale Parish Council hope that residents are enjoying the refurbished tennis courts. For anyone wanting to try the Broomhall Park tennis courts for the first time please visit our tennis page for information on how to book.

The parish council are now onto the next stage of the Broomhall Recreation Ground refurbishment works …

Works on the Teen Scene playground area commenced on 13th November 2023. This area is now closed for Winter and has already been cleared of the old, end of life equipment (see photo of old, end of life equipment).

Following feedback from residents and families the new Teen Scene equipment will now be located closer to the under 12s playground (next to Dilly Dragon).

A few of the new pieces of the Teen Scene equipment can be seen in the images below:

While the contractors are on site, the parish council are taking the opportunity to replace the rocking car (which is now end of life) and the water/sand play station (next to the curly wurly slide) which has always been very difficult to keep in good working order, in the under 12s playground. These 2 pieces of old equipment will be replaced with a few new surprises. The under 12s playground will be closed for a few days, week commencing 10th December 2023.

All construction work will be suspended middle of December to ensure the under 12s playground is back open for Christmas 2023.

The layout for the new re-surfaced footpath across the field towards the woods and train station can be seen in the image, which will be completed during Spring 2024.

During January 2024 the under 12s playground, Teen Scene and pathway towards the train station will all be resurfaced – removing the old wet pour from the under 12s playground and replacing with new – causing closure of these 3 areas.

For information on the adult fitness equipment please visit the news page Adult Fitness Equipment – Update

Sunningdale Parish Council apologise for the inconvenience caused during the refurbishment, but we hope that Sunningdale residents agree that the winter period is a better time of year for the works to be completed, when the park is quieter. The parish council look forward to the opening of the newly refurbished playground and footpath.

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