Financial Overview

July 2017

The Parish Council raised the Precept to £121,361 with a raise in the precept of £7.65 for a Band D property to £35.45 (£27.80 in 2016/17, £27.70 in 2015/16, £27.68 in 2014/15 and £28.01 in 2013/14).

The Accounts for 2016-17 are now completed and approved by Council on  20th June 2017. Click the year below to see the accounts for that year.

2016-17 (Unaudited)






Council maintains reserves having taken the view that we are entering uncertain times when the demands on reserves cannot be fully anticipated. Therefore a prudent level of reserves is maintained in line with the Governance and Accountability in Local Councils guidelines.

As a Parish Council, we make every effort to ensure good governance and the close scrutiny of our financial processes. We aim to take full advantage of any s106 money available to us.

We have updated the Business Plan for the future direction of Council. We continue to make improvements to the pavilion and the equipment necessary for delivering a good service for the Parish. At the same time we will work with the Borough to make other improvements including expanding the Christmas lights.