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Safety in Sunningdale

As many of you are aware, since the end of December 2017 there have been 3 serious incidents of attempted and actual assault which have taken place on the footpaths in the wooded areas leading from and to the Station and Broomhall Lane Recreation Ground.

The Police are aware and actively dealing with all 3 incidents, however are stressing to all residents and users of the footpaths – whether in the woods or the alleys – to be vigilant about personal safety.

In the hours of darkness, stay on well lit footpaths and where possible walk with friends.

All schools have been notified and students encouraged to be responsible for their personal safety, and Sunningdale Parish Council would extend this message to all residents.

If anyone has any information about the assaults which have taken place, please contact the police on the 101 number and they will be able to assist.


Highway Works

The Highways, Parks & Countryside Newsletter is now available on the RBWM website at

To view details of current and planned works on roads in the borough, including work being carried out by public utility companies, go to

Highways Works:

  • Park Crescent (Sunningdale) – footway works – Tuesday 30 January 2018.
  • Rise Road (Sunningdale) – footways works – Tuesday 30 January 2018.
  • Devenish Road (Sunningdale) – footway works – Wednesday 31 January 2018.
  • Ridgemount Road (Sunningdale) – footway works – Friday 2 February 2018.
  • Halfpenny Lane (Sunningdale) – footway works – Friday 2 February 2018.


Sunningdale Pedestrian Crossing Repairs

As many of you have expressed concerns over this, the Parish Council and many other residents have been pressing for a speedy repair.  The update from RBWM is detailed below.

A vehicle collided with and damaged one of the poles on Friday. Our contractor went to site on Friday and the site had to be switched off to ensure it was electrically safe and due to the damage the crossing was inoperable. Our contactor has returned today and by the time I arrived on site at midday they already had the old pole out of the ground and have since completed further works to begin installing the new pole. As the old poles were very rusty I have also asked them to replace the pole on the other side of the road. In addition we will be installing some newer, better condition signal equipment as the existing equipment is very old and in very poor condition. We anticipate that the works will be complete by Wednesday or Thursday at the latest.

Ian Gill
BEng (Hons) (Exon)

Traffic Systems Engineer (Highways & Transport)

Jubilee Clock – Date to be fixed

As many of you have noticed and commented on, our Jubilee Clock which stands on the corner of Chobham Road and London Road has not been telling the correct time.

The clock stopped sometime late this summer, and apart from a week when it kept going valiantly in spite of needing some major internal works – it has sat at 12:15 – telling the time correctly twice a day!

We are pleased to confirm that the company who has been contracted to renovate and fix the clock will be with us on the 15th November, and assure us that we will once again be able to provide the correct time to all our residents running to catch the train …

Chobham Road Parking Consultation

The Local Authority is aware that a number of pedestrians are having difficulty crossing Chobham Road. The shopping area is along both sides of Chobham Road, with limited facilities to enable shoppers to safely cross the road. The proposed raised table crossing will be part of a larger scheme to make the area safer for pedestrians, also reducing the speed of vehicles along this section of Chobham Road. Additional parking has been requested to help shoppers and local businesses.
The Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead is considering a 2 stage local safety scheme.

  • Stage 1 would be the installation of a Zebra crossing on a raised table, just south of the existing dropped crossing point as shown on the attached plan. This will allow easier and safer crossing of Chobham Road as well as reducing the speed of traffic. Funding for this stage has been identified and, subject to the outcome of the consultation, it is proposed that the scheme would be delivered in the financial year April 2017 – March 2018.
  • Stage 2 would be the creation of additional parking spaces outside the area of Costa Coffee in Chobham Road parade of shops. The slip road would be removed and additional parking introduced as shown on the attached plan. Funding for this stage of the scheme is yet to be identified and would again be subject to the outcome of the consultation.

Plans showing the proposals in greater detail are available on the website below, or to view at the Sunningdale Parish Council office and the Town Hall, Maidenhead.


Please note that a copy of associated documents may also be inspected by visiting the Royal Borough website at

Q1. Do you agree with proposals to introduce the raised zebra crossing?
Q2. Do you agree with proposals to remove the slip road and construct additional parking?
Q3. In order to monitor the response to this questionnaire, please indicate where you live/home postcode.
Q4. Do you wish to make further comments with regards to this scheme?
If you have any observations to make regarding the proposals, please respond by completing the form at the above web address. If you do not have access to the internet please write to Highways, Parks and Countryside, Communities Directorate, Town Hall, St Ives Road, Maidenhead, Sl6 1RF.

Please quote reference: Chobham Road, Sunningdale Consultation.
All responses to be received by Sunday 5th November 2017.