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Sustainable road repair technology used by RBWM in expanded trial

RBWM are carrying out an expanded trial of equipment which is a more sustainable and efficient way of repairing wear and tear in roads, including potholes.

A specialist thermal infrared heater, specifically designed to be used on highways, is used to quickly heat up the existing asphalt surface in need of repair. It is then easily reworked using hand tools before a rejuvenator and fresh material is added to the heated asphalt. The area is then reprofiled level with the surrounding road surface and compacted.

The improvements are being carried out by a RBWM highways contractor, VolkerHighways.

Find out more about this technology and where it’s being used in the RBWM press release.

During the expanded trial, work will be undertaken in Sunningdale – Charters Road and Larch Avenue.

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