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Sunningdale Pedestrian Crossing Repairs

Sunningdale Parish Council

As many of you have expressed concerns over this, the Parish Council and many other residents have been pressing for a speedy repair.  The update from RBWM is detailed below.

A vehicle collided with and damaged one of the poles on Friday. Our contractor went to site on Friday and the site had to be switched off to ensure it was electrically safe and due to the damage the crossing was inoperable. Our contactor has returned today and by the time I arrived on site at midday they already had the old pole out of the ground and have since completed further works to begin installing the new pole. As the old poles were very rusty I have also asked them to replace the pole on the other side of the road. In addition we will be installing some newer, better condition signal equipment as the existing equipment is very old and in very poor condition. We anticipate that the works will be complete by Wednesday or Thursday at the latest.

Ian Gill
BEng (Hons) (Exon)

Traffic Systems Engineer (Highways & Transport)

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