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RBWM Cabinet members

Sunningdale Parish Council

Newly elected councillors with a wealth of experience have been selected to form a new cabinet following the May 2019 local borough elections.

New cabinet members with experience in the building, infrastructure, policing and finance have been announced by Cllr Simon Dudley, returning leader of the council.

To support the Royal Borough’s focus on regeneration, public protection, infrastructure, transport, housing and adults and children’s services nine new cabinet positions have been created.

Returning to the cabinet are:

  • Cllr Simon Dudley: Leader of the council and lead member Maidenhead regeneration and Maidenhead (including communications and property)
  • Cllr David Coppinger: Lead member planning and deputy leader
  • Cllr Samantha Rayner: Lead member culture and communities (inc customer and business services) and Windsor and deputy leader
  • Cllr Stuart Carroll: Lead member adults, children and health

Newly appointed cabinet members are:

  • Cllr Shamsul Shelim: Lead member HR, legal and IT (including performance management)
  • Cllr David Cannon:- Lead member public protection
  • Cllr Andrew Johnson:- Lead member infrastructure, transport policy and housing
  • Cllr Gerry Clarke:- Lead member sustainability, waste services and economic development;
  • Cllr David Hilton:- Lead member finance and Ascot;

Cllr Simon Dudley said: “I’m delighted to welcome cabinet members both new and returning to these vital roles.

“Our newly appointed cabinet brings a wealth of real world experience from different sectors and their expertise will help as we continue to progress our regeneration plans and invest in areas that matter most to our residents including housing, transport and highways and supporting the most vulnerable in our communities.

“Cabinet members will work alongside all the Royal Borough’s councillors and officers to deliver outcomes that matter most to our residents.”

Cllr Dudley also announced number of other posts including:

  • Cllr Julian Sharpe: Chair, Berkshire Pension Fund
  • Cllr John Story: Chair, Constitution Sub-Committee
  • Cllr Samantha Rayner: Employment and Members Standards Panel
  • Cllr Phil Haseler: Chair, Licensing Panel
  • Cllr Maureen Hunt: Chair, Rights of Way and Highway Licensing Panel
  • Cllr Gurch Singh: Chair, Maidenhead Town Forum
  • Cllr John Bowden: Chair, Windsor Town Forum
  • Cllr John Bowden: Chair, Aviation Forum
  • Cllr Stuart Carroll: Chair, Corporate Parenting Panel
  • Cllr David Hilton: Chair, Grants Panel
  • Cllr Stuart Carroll: Chair, School Improvement Forum
  • Cllr Donna Stimson: Chair, Maidenhead Development Management Panel
  • Cllr David Cannon: Chair, Windsor Development Management Panel
  • Cllr John Bowden: Chair, Borough wide Development Management Panel

Cllr Dudley continued: “I am confident that all councillors appointed as cabinet members or to serve as chairs on our panels will ensure that we continue to prioritise the needs of our residents as we work hard to build a borough for everyone.”

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