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May 2015 News

Sunningdale Parish Council

The Parish Council has unanimously elected Anne-Catherine Buxton as Chairman. Anne-Catherine brings much experience in running charity operations and organising committees. She joined the Council in 2014 and has taken on a number of key projects. Three other Councillors, Robin Booth, Rosemarie Nash and Lilly Evans go forward elected unopposed. Valerie Pike is a new elected Councillor. Council has co-opted Michael Burn and Yvonne Jacklin to Council as from 26 May 2015, and Mary Sayer with effect from 9 June 2015.

The theme in Sunningdale, as with the nation as a whole, is continuity and change, steady management of resources, while watching out for every opportunity to enable positive change for our community. Anne-Catherine says “We have the makings of a great team going forward who will look after Sunningdale’s best interests”.

There remain two vacancies to bring Council to its full complement of ten Councillors and we welcome names coming forward at this time.

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