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Under 12s playground, Outdoor Gym and Teen scene (13 and over) play area

Sunningdale Parish Council

Broomhall Lane Recreation Ground

Since March 2020, the playgrounds and green gym areas at Broomhall Recreation ground have been closed according to the Government requirements issued at that time.  At the end of June, the Government continued a gradual relaxation of the lock down rules to include the option for owners to open children’s playgrounds and outdoor gyms subject to specific guidelines.

Over the last few weeks since the Government announcement, the council has undertaken mandatory Covid-19 Risk Assessments; worked closely with the council insurers and where possible liaised with other authorities to gain a wider understanding of what actions could be taken to mitigate the risk of contracting COVID-19 from the council equipment. In reaching a decision, the Council had to review the potential number of users (based upon the many years of user experience for the park), staffing and resourcing as well as making a differentiation between the types and locations of the equipment.

The full risk reports can be downloaded below:

Under 12s Playground Risk Report

Adult Gym and Teen scene Risk Report

The Government guidance details a comprehensive list of measures that, if implemented, may reduce the risk of contamination and resulting infection. These measures include operating a booking system for equipment use, enhanced cleaning regimes, restricting the number of users on equipment, operating time limits, setting up queuing areas, sanitising facilities, putting up additional signage, communicating with parents and many more. The guidance also directly refers to the “unique” circumstances of each playground and that the decision to re-open or remain closed should be made on a case by case basis with individual risk reports for each area.  Of the measures detailed in the guidance, the Government acknowledges that many may be impractical to implement and/or require additional staffing and resources that are not feasible/viable for the Parish Council at this time.

After carefully considering the risks and the mitigations that can be taken to reduce them, in areas where high touch surfaces are able to be regularly sanitised, social distancing is possible and the users have the capacity to take direction from signage, the council decision has been a limited re-opening of equipment can take place.

Therefore, the Under 12s playground will REMAIN CLOSED until Government guidance on the active limiting of users at one time has been relaxed.

The Outdoor Gym and Teen Scene will RE-OPEN WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT with signage, one-way directional arrows clearly marked and regularly disinfecting of equipment.

In using the Outdoor Gym and Teen Scene the following guidance MUST be followed:

  • Do not visit the park nor use any equipment if you have symptoms of coronavirus or are isolating
  • Always follow current social distancing guidelines  which are 2ms where possible
  • If the equipment is busy, please wait at a socially distance or come back later
  • No food or drink to be consumed when using the equipment and ideally no food to be consumed near the equipment
  • Bring your own hand sanitiser, gel, or wipes
  • Wash your hand thoroughly before and after your visit
  • Catch any coughs or sneezes in a tissue and dispose of it safely at home
  • Avoid touching your face


The litter bins, gates and fences are NOT disinfected.

Any person choosing to use the equipment or allowing a young person to use the equipment, does so at their own risk.

If the above advice is not followed or local infection rates rise, the Council will need to close the equipment again in the interests of public health and safety.

This advice is to help protect YOU as well as OTHERS.

The risk of Covid-19 has not gone away, the virus is still just as contagious and poses a real danger to life for people. Everyone needs to play their part to protect each other.


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