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Parish Council Precept for 2020/21

Sunningdale Parish Council

You will be shortly receiving the Council Tax notifications from RBWM which include the separate parish precept for Sunningdale Parish Council.

For the year April 2020 to March 2021, the Parish Council has levied a precept charge totalling £192,379 and a Band D equivalent charge of £55.51 per year.  This represents a 3.99% increase on last year and £2.13 per year increase on the amount paid by you, the residents (based on a Band D property).

The table below shows the precept charge for 20/21 for each council tax band.

Band Precept per year Band Precept per year
A £37.01 E £67.84
B £43.17 F £80.18
C £49.34 G £92.51
D £55.51 H £111.02

At a time when electricity bills are rising at 14.1%, gas bills at 7.1%, water and other charges 3.1%, bus and coach fares at 8.9%, rail fares at 6.6%, petrol and oil at 3.6%, council tax and rates at 4.7%, and telephone services at 5.6%. (Office for National Statistics, Consumer Price Inflation Reference Tables, April 2019), the Parish Council has worked diligently to ensure that any increase is manageable.

Supplementing the Precept demand, the council brings income from management of assets such as the Tennis Courts; Refreshment Chalet; Community Room; Flat at the Pavilion and Recreation Ground.   In 2019/20 this income rose to £63,700 and will again rise to £81,101 for 2020/21, representing a year on year increase of £17,401 and 27.3%.

The parish council is obliged to maintain all the facilities we provide at a high standard or replace them: the recreation ground with over £250,000 of equipment; the tennis courts; the car park; the clock, flowerbeds, bench and flower planters on Chobham Road and London Road; the Cemetery; the Allotments; the 100 year old Village Hall; the War Memorial and all other benches and assets the council owns around the village.

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