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Level 2 Heat Health Alert 9-12 August 2022

A Level 2 Heat Health Alert has been issued for the South East from midday on Tuesday 9 August until 9am on Friday 12 August.

The Level 2 yellow alert is triggered by the Met Office when there’s a 60%+ risk for threshold temperatures being reached in one or more regions on at least two consecutive days and the intervening night. For the South East, the threshold is 31 degrees daytime and 16 degrees at night.

Hot weather can be dangerous, especially for the very young, very old, or those with chronic conditions.

For advice on how to reduce the risk to yourself, or somebody you know, visit UKHSA’s online guide on beating the heat, contact your doctor or chemist, or call NHS 111.

The NHS also has great advice on keeping cool as does Berkshire Public Health

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