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Dog Waste Bins – Survey Results

In November 2022 Sunningdale Parish Council asked residents for their views on the dog waste bins around Sunningdale.

The results are as follows:

  1. 95% of people surveyed were a dog owner.
  2. 95% of people surveyed did not think there were an adequate amount of dog bins throughout the village.
  3. 56% of people surveyed would pay an additional amount within their council tax precept for more dog waste bins.
  4. 65% of people surveyed thought all 8 current dog waste bins in Sunningdale were well utilised.
  5. The locations where people surveyed thought an extra dog bin would be most beneficial are (in order):
    • Entrance to public footpath from Onslow Road & Whitmore Lane.
    • Charters Road.
    • Bedford Lane / A30.
    • Rise Road.
    • Broomhall Lane.
    • High Street/Bedford Lane.
    • None, I don’t feel any additional dog waste bins are needed.

Thank you to all residents who took the time to complete the survey. Sunningdale Parish Council will work to install an additional dog bin in the most preferred location early in 2023

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