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Chobham Road parking to commence January 2019

Sunningdale Parish Council

On Tuesday 13th November, Ben Smith, RBWM Head of Commissioning and Cllr Christine Bateson attended the parish council meeting to update the council and interested residents on the parking to be provided on Chobham Road.

After the extremely positive consultation earlier with 88% of respondents supporting the creation of the new parking area, work on the project has been proceeding with the engineers at the Project Centre and the stage 1 safety audit has taken place which has made slight amendments to the plans as originally presented.  The safety audit raised 2 issues: the depth of buffer zone was increased slightly further into Chobham Road which will provide better indication to traffic on the Chobham Road of the parking area; and to provide an easier pedestrian crossing in the area of the new parking.   The improved crossing will be a drop crossing with tactile paving the Stage 2 safety audit will review this again and any further safety amendments will be made.

The outline of the project has been confirmed with materials, fit to the environment, utilities etc being confirmed and the programme of works is due to start in January 2019.  The estimated time for the works is 6 to 8 weeks and the Borough Officers will keep disruption of traffic lights as a priority for the engineering management of the project.

The will be a total of 13 spaces of 2.7m wide and additional parking will be provided in Halfpenny Lane and Northend Lane with the relaxation of the residents only parking during business hours.

Areas which were highlighted and requested at the Parish Council meeting were to look at a reducing the speed to 20mph in the area; a provision for exit out of Broomfield Park maybe a box junction and was it possible to shorten construction timings by working longer hours with more people and finish sooner.

The Parish Council will update as soon as more information is made available from the RBWM.

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