Budget and Precept

The approved budget Income and Expenditure for 2022 23 is:

Income   £  834,285
  Precept £  213,224
  Income Generation £  121,061
  Income from CIL £  500,000
Expenditure   £ 621,523
  Council Administration and operation £  230,449
  Projects £  331,756
  Movement to Reserves £   61,934

How the council is performing against the set budget can be reviewed in the Council Detail Reports which are presented at each council meeting with the Financial Reports.  Copies of which can be requested from the Clerk and RFO.

For the year April 2022 to March 2023, the Parish Council has levied a precept charge totalling £213,244 and a Band D equivalent charge of £61.29 per year. This represents a 9.6% increase on last year and £5.44 per year increase on the amount paid by you, the residents (based on a Band D property).

The council provides a notification and rationale for the precept to be collected each year, please see March 2022 Parish News – Precept.

Each year the MHCLG publishes the Council Tax statistics for town and parish councils in England 2021 21. This provides information on local precepting authorities (local councils, charter trustees and Temples) and the amount of council tax collected on their behalf by their billing authorities in England.

For 2021 22 the parish precept information is as follows:


For RBWM Parishes, the precepts set for the budget year 2022 23 are:

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