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Parish councils and district councils came into existence after the Local Government Act of 1894 was enacted. Sunningdale Parish Council held its inaugural meeting on December 31st, 1894 under the chairmanship of Reverend Cree, the vicar of Holy Trinity Church at the time.  The council currently serves 3,726 electors.

Christine Gadd pictured with the tree that has been purchased in honour of her services to Sunningdale
Christine Gadd, pictured alongside the tree that has been purchased in honour of her services to Sunningdale

The position of chairman has recently changed. Christine Gadd stepped down in May 2015 after eight years in the role. She has been succeeded by Anne-Catherine Buxton. Further information on all the changes at the council can be found on The Parish Council page.

Anne-Catherine Buxton, elected chairman of the parish council on May 12th, 2015
Anne-Catherine Buxton, elected chairman in May 2015

Another recent change has been the revamping of the council’s website in March 2015, the original site having been in operation since 2002.

The majority of the content has been transferred to the new website, while new material on the working of the council has been added. This includes Councillor Responsibilities, the Business Plan for 2015-2020 and a Financial Overview.

There is significant community-based material. We would particularly draw your attention to the Sunningdale Local History page. For a relatively small place, Sunningdale can boast quite a wide range of local histories, much of it the work of amateur local historian, Peter O’Kill.