Sunningdale Then and Now


© John End 2011.

The historical pictures of Sunningdale in this section are owned by John End. No electronic copies can be taken, printed reproductions made or links established from any other website to these images without his permission. John is prepared to provide printed copies for a modest charge.

The pictures are in pairs, showing past and present images. Click on an image to see a larger version. When in larger image mode, you can navigate between the images:

  • A30 Chequers and shops (c. 1905) and the Sunningdale Lounge in 2011
  • Broomhall Buildings in 1931 and 2011
  • The Royal Oak pub in 1911 and 2011
  • Holy Trinity Church in the 1860s and 2011
  • The station level crossing in 1903 and 2011.


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