Tennis Coaching

Coaching during the initial period of opening the tennis courts during the COVID-19 government restrictions will only be under the following circumstances:

  • Coaches may only coach on a one to one basis
  • Coaching may only take place where the player being coached is able to rally and remain on the opposite court
  • Tennis balls used for one coaching session will be put out of circulation for 72 hours
  • Tennis balls should be picked up by foot and racket or a picker and not by hand
  • When changing ends, coaches will ensure players move clockwise to avoid contact
  • Coaches will allow access to the courts for booked sessions via the middle gate and not the main entrance to reduce the touch contact spread
  • Coaching will only take place with LTA Accredited and Sunningdale Parish Council approved coaches who do not travel more than 10 miles to coach at the courts

The currently approved coaches are:

Charlie Broad
Match Point Tennis Coaching
07766 045213

Clive Asprey
07379 244069

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